Caren Libby: President of Women In Focus STL

Kim Wolterman

​Beth Goodson

Dana Pomeroy

Lonnie Gatlin


Liz Kepasa

Jane Crouch

Marianne Cherry

Tricia Coyle

Lisa Fioretti

Anne Warfield

​Susan Standish

Ann Widner

Betty Lewis


Women In Focus St. Louis


Founded in 1993 by a group of women who recognized the need for a formal network of women photographers who could assist in each other’s personal, professional, and artistic growth.  Women In Focus in the city of Atlanta has become a thriving organization whose diverse membership includes photographic artists ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals, all brought together by their passion for photography.  Women In Focus Chicago began in May of 2014 and Women In Focus St. Louis began in January 2015.  We are growing and we are focused!